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Are you looking for help & support for yourself or someone close to you? 

We offer accredited, confidential, and effective specialist counselling services. 

We can help you to overcome issues relating to mental health, neurodiversity, anxiety, substance misuse, trauma, send, family, relationships, finances, work and much more.

about stacey the arcs recovery founder

About Stacey

My personal therapy journey started at the age of twenty-two when I began the process of engaging in substance misuse residential treatment. My life up until this point had been dysfunctional following the loss of my mum to cancer aged fourteen. On completing residential treatment, I knew what career path I wanted to take and began my training to become a specialist in substance misuse, counselling, mental health, and support.

I first qualified as a youth worker, specialising in working with young people estranged from their families, homeless, street working, safeguarding and mental health. Following this I decided that to make the biggest impact on young people the support needed to be in place for their families first to reduce risk, minimise harm, reduce or stop substance misuse in the home, increase family communication and improve quality of life starting at the top.

I went on to specialise in working with adults and families, providing advice, counselling, mediation, family therapy and other holistic practical support including housing, sexual health, monitoring substitute prescribing, referrals to residential treatment, accessing funding for services and all other interventions appropriate to the client's needs,many of which were diagnosed or undiagnosed neurodivergent.

I have successfully created and managed services for complex needs individuals and have provided effective supervision to staff in substance misuse, counselling, mental health, and care settings. My family life has been affected by cancer with the loss of both my parents and my brother, this has given me the passion to work with end-of-life clients and I have worked closely with palliative care services in the community to support people in their final months, weeks, days,and hours.

I have extensive personal and professional experience with learning disabilities, I am diagnosed with combined type 3 ADHD. My adult daughter is diagnosed with ADHD and my son is diagnosed Autistic and ADHD with other complex medical needs including neurological blindness, ARFID and chronic spontaneous urticaria.

I have successfully fought the system (and it can be a fight) to ensure my son's and daughter's needs are met, this has included a successful application for an EHCP, amendments to relevant sections in the EHCP and a successful application and process to access specialist provision. In February 2024 I won a Disability Discrimination court case against an education setting, this experience and the many years of professional experience allow me to not only relate to families going through similar challenges but also provide extensive knowledge of the systems in place, so I am better able to support families experiencing difficulties in relation to Special Educational needs. 

I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia so I understand how invisible illnesses and disabilities can have an impact on life. I am many years free from illicit substances and use personal experience to support others to access the help needed to achieve their own goals around recovery & quality of life.


“Thank you so much!!!!! It felt like it has been a long and not a very easy journey for us since our son was diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago. We explored a number of support options but none of them were specific for his condition or were provided by an ADHD specific therapist.

 However, it has been a major breakthrough for our son and our family overall, when we have started working with Stacey Randall. From the first session, we established a good rapport, and I was able to open up and share my concerns and experiences with somebody who knew exactly how it was and who,more importantly, knew how to help. For the first time, I wasn’t judged, as Stacey fully gets the joys and the challenges of what we are going through, and it has been a breath of fresh air. 

Our son’s condition impacts both him, his sister and us, his parents. As a family therapist, Stacey has got vast experience in working with both people who are diagnosed with ADHD and the wider family, which ensures a much better family balance. ADHD management is not just about medication and Stacey provides a holistic approach and suggests specific strategies that address a number of concerns.  

In terms of our dealings with Stacey, she is incredibly professional and responsive. She promptly replies to any queries and always follows up on what we have discussed. We would highly recommend Stacey to anybody looking for specific ADHD therapy and support. It makes a real difference working with an expert who has got specific training in this condition.”

‍“Stacey is an incredible support to us, her knowledge and understanding of ADHD is remarkable, quite simply she gets it,for both of us. She is incredibly patient. I am so grateful for her fantastic therapy. I have been in a very desperate and dark place, despairing at what the future will hold for us, but I no longer feel like this, there is calmness and light and most importantly knowledge thanks to Stacey. Thank you.”    

time for change

Time for change

Services are easily accessed via telephone, zoom or face to face.

Services are offered based on a comprehensive assessment of needs and can include, counselling, life coaching, child and adult therapy, advice, guidance and external supervision.

what we offer

Therapy / Coaching

Therapy is useful for dealing with problematic past beliefs, behaviours, feelings, relationship issues and other things.

Trauma / PTSD

Is your life or someone close to you affected by trauma or PTSD? We can offer help with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Couples / Families

Couples / family counselling can be useful if you find yourself in a situation that seems to have no way of resolving itself.


Are neurodiversity / mental health difficulties creating challenges in your life? I specialise in neurodiversity, to see how I can help contact us.

External Supervision

External clinical supervision offers many benefits for mental health organizations and clinicians. To find out more contact us today.